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It may be argued that just about every Caribbean island has the same to offer but we beg to differ. Awash with pristine beaches, affordable & luxury living, spectacular architecture, a wealth of attractions and excellent cuisine, it can be readily agreed upon that Barbados is indeed the #1 place to visit in the Caribbean.

The island is a mere 21 miles in length & divided into 11 parishes but don't be fooled as this poses no limit to the many things to do. Very much wrapped in the fabric of its British customs, one can still have a cup of tea in the evening or enjoy the thundering hooves of horses going around the track at the historic Garrison Savannah.

Though not as inundated as before with sugarcane, the island still shows very strong connections to its history with rum. After all, there's a seemingly endless number of rum shops dotted across the island. You simply have to experience the island's unique rum culture with Mount Gay Rum as the quality of this worldwide cherished rum emanates from our first-class sugar cane, molasses and the pure coral-filtered water we enjoy daily.

So if you're Caribbean bound, then Barbados is the #1 place to choose amongst many.

Written By Gloria Small - Marketing Officer