Sun Group Hotels' News

 We are closely following and will continue to follow government-issued guidelines developed by the Caribbean Public Health Agency to reduce insect bites around the resorts. Our hotels conduct preventative measures such as daily inspections, clearing any areas of concern and weekly property fogging. All of our hotels also contract external mosquito specialists for regular inspections and property treatment once monthly.

We recommend that guests be extra cautious at dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are most prevalent and use anti-mosquito precautions such as deet-based repellents which are available at the hotels’ gift shops and nearby shopping areas. In addition, literature is placed in all welcome packages informing guests of the Zika Virus and how to prevent insect bites.

SunGroup Hotels’ primary concern is our guests well-being and enjoyment during their holiday with us, so please be assured we are following the recommended guidelines to help eradicate the virus. Our cancellation policy has been amended as we identify with your concerns.