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While enjoying your stay at any SunGroup Hotels, all that Barbados has to offer and the special treats we planned for you throughout your stay, we also want to offer some helpful tips to make the most of your holiday in paradise.

Drink plenty of water!
We know you are visiting the birth place of rum but staying hydrated with a non-alcoholic beverage is essential. Some guests underestimate the toil that the heat of the tropics has on our bodies especially when unaccustomed. Always have a bottle of water handy, whether when lounging on the beach or out exploring.

Don’t spend all your time at the beach!
Our island is known for its white sandy beaches and pristine waters. We understand how difficult it is to pull yourself away from tempting thoughts of swimming and sunbathing all day however we encourage you to explore the exciting sites and excursions on the island.
Take an Island Safari tour to see some of the rugged outbacks and unspoilt areas of Barbados like the well-known East Coast and Bathsheba, or go at your own pace in a rental car from Drive-A-Matic Car Rental. Maybe a dive in the Atlantis Submarine might interest you more to see the beautiful tropical fish and coral. Visit one of the museums across the island, a historical landmark or treat yourself to a bit of shopping in our capital, Bridgetown. We challenge you!

Locals know best. Attend at least ONE event a Bajan recommends!
Barbadians are not only friendly, they are extroverts and love to socialise. Most locals would be happy to make recommendations of their favorite entertainment spots and upcoming events on island. They would even take the time to find out what you like, explore your options for what would be most convenient and fit your budget.
It is a good idea to experience at least one of these suggestions and indulge in an authentic ‘Bajan’ experience at least once while on holiday.

Sadly your trip will end, DON’T leave without getting a souvenir.
Barbados offers the perfect home away from home and when it’s time to leave there’s always a sadness to overcome which precedes promises to definitely come again. Until then, be sure to pick up a souvenir of a holiday well spent in beautiful Barbados.


Written by Nayo Bowen