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I can’t believe another year has flown by on our beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados. Time really flies when you live with the sun, sand, and sea of this island paradise.

As we get closer to a landmark decade in 2020, I wish to announce that SunGroup Hotels in Barbados is growing and has plans to make our product and service even better.

This year we developed the SunGroup Hotels “Vision”, which is “To become the leading Caribbean hospitality service provider”, and our “Mission”, “We exceed expectations by delivering exceptional personalized service”. We strive to achieve this in everything we do and have committed heavily into our staff training, specifically to make the service you receive better.


Again this year, we took home a number of awards for the group, including TripAdvisor certificate of excellence at all properties, and at the Virgin Holidays Annual Awards ceremony that is held each year in London, we proudly collected the following awards.

- Sugar Cane Club Hotel & Spa - Gold winner for Best Small Hotel in the Caribbean
- Savannah Beach Hotel - Silver winner for Best Family Hotel in the Caribbean
- Sun Group Companies - Gold winner for Best Partner differentiation
- Drive-A-Matic Car Rental - Silver winner for Best Car Rental
- Suntours Caribbean - Bronze winner for Best Destination Management Company

For 2017 we have great things to look forward to:

Sugar Cane Club Hotel & Spa will close for the months of June, July, and August for upgrades to its in-room bathrooms, La Salsa Restaurant, Gym, and Pool deck.

Look out for our 2nd Katie Rushworth garden retreat from 21-26th October; which was a great success in 2016 for flora, fauna, and foodie enthusiasts.

Savannah Beach Hotel is continuing to grow and build a reputation as a culinary gem, and family resort. The hard work and dedication of its Management and Employees make this hotel stand out. We have added a gazebo which is proving popular for weddings and private dinners.

In the coming months, we will be upgrading Time Out Hotel. This will include room upgrades, a room category with Kitchenettes, and new facilities such as a gym and games room.

Worthing Court Hotel was completely refurbished and an additional 14 rooms, a gym, and games room were added in 2016. In 2017 we are going to be changing out some of our rooms with new furniture.

Almond Beach Resort will be refreshed with new furniture and equipment in certain public areas.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, our past guests, and future returnees for choosing one of our SunGroup Hotels, and we wish you and your families health, happiness and success for 2017.


Written by Rod Weatherhead